About Us

Korbly’s boasts an impressive woodyard, all redwood is sun-cured for many years before being worked on. This ensures that pieces won't crack. Each piece holds a special place in history, as all of the wood used ranges from one thousand years old to five thousand years old or older.

Korbly’s is always stocked with redwood slabs, tables, boxes, clocks and carvings. Throughout the year you may also find vases, cutting boards, lazy susans and lamps. And if you’re lucky, you might catch his occasional series of heart-shaped boxes, mirrors and clocks.

Photo credit: The North Coast Journal



As one of the most storied wood workers in Humboldt, Bernie Korbly has been crafting the finest redwood pieces for over forty years. Korbly Woodworks is located at the north end of Miranda, nestled along the scenic and historic Avenue of the Giants.

Bernie prides himself in the fact that all of his pieces are green woodworks, meaning all redwood at Korbly’s is sustainably sourced from “salvaged” wood: wood from trees that fell by natural causes. We never source redwood from trees that have been cut down.